Term 1

Unit 1: Look in a book

Unit 2: Good neighbours

Unit 3: Ready steady, go!

Unit 4: The big sky

Unit 5: Lets count and measure

Term 2

Unit 6 : Bugs, fact and fiction

Unit7: Our green earth

Unit 8: Home, sweet home

Unit 9: Inside and outside cities

●      Phonics

●      Blending

●      Segmenting

●      Shared reading

●      Independent reading


 Term 1

1A: Number and problem solving

1B: Geometry and problem solving

1C : Measure and problem solving

2A : Number and problem solving

2B: Handling data and problem solving.

Term 2

2C: Measure and problem solving

3A: Number and problem solving

3B : Geometry and problem solving

3C: Measure and problem solving.


Unit 1: Going outside

Unit 2: Looking at rocks

Unit 3: Changing materials

Unit 4: Light and dark

Unit 5: Electricity

Unit 6: The earth and the Sun



  • I use  the computer
  • I Type a letter
  • I Visit the World

Term2 :

  • I have friends
  • Friends
  • I give commands